Southern Illinois Quaker Meeting

Religious Society of Friends

Southern Illinois Quaker Meeting

Southern Illinois Friends

Dayemi Family Center
214 E Jackson St
Carbondale, IL 62901
info: Maurine, 847.899.9677or

We meet for worship Sundays at 10 AM, upstairs off the main room in the double-door library. Care and lessons are provided for children from 10:00 to 10:45 and during "second hour". At 11 AM, please join us for potluck (first Sunday), singing (second Sunday), discussion (third Sunday), more discussion or meeting for worship and business (fourth Sunday), or more singing (fifth Sunday).
Visitors are most welcome!

To quote our favorite T-Shirt: Quakers are way cooler than you think!

The Religious Society of Friends is a group that practices a form of spirituality which emphasizes the personal experience of God in one’s life over any specific doctrine or belief. While it has its roots in Christianity, it is open to the Light where it may be found. Quakers understand the necessity of first listening to God before working in the world. They affirm the equality of all people before God, regardless of race, station in life, or gender, and this belief leads them into a range of social concerns.

What to expect? Friends believe that if they wait silently upon God there will be times when God will speak to them in the heart. The silent Meeting of Friends is therefore the communion with God during which Friends lay themselves open to the leading of the Spirit. Sometimes Friends feel led to share a message with fellow worshippers, speaking out of the silence; but for an unprogrammed meeting like ours, there is no pastor or sermon. You will experience the peculiar energy of a group gathered in silent worship.

Mailing lists: Call, send e-mail, or write us with your name and address to receive (approximately quarterly) our paper Newsletter. To join in infrequent (but not silent) electronic discussions among all our Members, Attenders and Other Friends, send e-mail to with the content of the message saying only (supplying your name):
subscribe quaker-L Firstname Lastname

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(Paraphrases are from Ted Hoare's introductory pamphlet on the RSOF)